ERIK LEKAS—bass and vocals   STEVE STREHLER—drums
MARK LEKAS—mandolin and guitar   COLLIN HOOPS—keyboards
    SEAN SWETLAND—guitarist


Band Biography


In Rare Form is a 5 piece rock and roll outfit that literally lives their stage name.  Drawing influences from Rock to Blues to Folk to Funk the band thrives off of live performances for one reason, "to put a smile on your face and a wiggle in your ass"- SF Weekly.   In the Summer of 2001 Erik and Mark Lekas started the band in the historically rich music city of San Francisco.  In Rare From consists of Steve Strehler on Drums, Collin Hoops on Keyboards, Sean Sweatland on Guitar and Vocals, Mark Lekas on Mandolin and Guitar and Erik Lekas Bass and Vocals.  "If you like your jams dark and mystic or full of electric guitar effects with a late 60's bent to them, then In Rare Form's music will suffice when there's a full moon outside.  It'll send shivers up and down your spine." -- An Honest Tune.



1461 Broadway #201  

San Francisco, CA 94109


© Copyright, In Rare Form, 2002